My final day of training

Tom Fladmark spent today with me, in my shop, giving final instructions on the workings of the string winding equipment. I’m now on my own! Here’s a photo of Tom winding his final string to complete the last of his outstanding orders. Hats off to Tom for all of his years providing the best possible

String winding equipment

A photo from yesterday’s move of the string winding equipment- Tom giving his blessing to the equipment after it’s been loaded onto my trailer for the journey home. Tom’s autoharp shop is in the background in the part of the building with the lower roof. The string winding equipment was housed in the upper level

It’s official!

As of Saturday September 1st 2018, Schreiber Autoharps has taken delivery of the assets of the autoharp string manufacturing business formerly operated by Tom Fladmark. We look forward to providing the best quality autoharp strings available to the autoharp community.